How many golf balls fit in a 5 gallon bucket

From time to time, our curiosity leads us to seek out peculiar and seemingly pointless information. Hence, you might be wondering: What’s the maximum number of golf balls that can snugly fit inside a 5-gallon bucket? In this article, we’ll reveal the exact figure.”

How many golf balls fit in a 5 gallon bucket

You can comfortably place around 443 golf balls inside a 5-gallon bucket using an efficient packing method, similar to arranging cannonballs.

In simpler terms, you could accommodate slightly over 400 golf balls in such a bucket.Considering the size difference between golf balls and 5-gallon buckets, we already know the quantity should fall between a couple of hundred golf balls and not exceed 10,000.

Consequently, if the count turns out to be exceptionally low, like under 100, there’s likely an error. Similarly, if it reaches an exceptionally high number, like 100,000, there’s likely a mistake in the calculation.

golf balls in a 5 gallon bucket

To determine the capacity of a 5-gallon bucket for golf balls, we’ll work under the following conditions:

  • We’re using a standard 5-gallon bucket.
  • Golf balls can be arranged in a cannonball pattern, with a packing efficiency of 0.74, without any modification to the golf balls in terms of cutting, deformation, or transformation.


With these specified conditions in mind, let’s begin by establishing the dimensions of a golf ball:

Golf ball Diameter = 1.68 inches

Golf ball Radius = 1.68/2 = 0.84 inches

Golf Ball Volume = (4/3)*pi*0.84^3 = 2.483 cubic inches

Moving forward, we can specify the measurements of the 5-gallon bucket we plan to fill with golf balls. Standard dimensions for a 5-gallon bucket are accessible, enabling us to compute its volume based on these measurements:

5-gallon bucket Diameter = 11.9 inches

5-gallon bucket Radius = 11.9/2 = 5.95 inches

5-gallon bucket Height = 13.38 inches

5-gallon bucket Volume = pi*height*radius^2 = pi*13.38*(5.95)^2 = 1488.13 cubic inches

The golf ball cannonball packing coefficient is defined as follows:

Golf ball cannonball packing coefficient = sqrt(2)/2 = 0.74

With all of these elements defined, we can calculate the number of golf balls that we can fit in a 5-Gallon Bucket:

Number of golf balls = (Bucket Volume*packing coefficient) / (golf ball volume)

Number of golf balls = (1488.13*0.74)/2.483

Number of golf balls = 443.5 = 443 full golf balls

We obtain the result of 443.5 golf balls being able to fit in a 5-Gallon Bucket, but we need to round down to 443 since we do not want to cut the golf balls.

In the end, you can fit 443 balls in a 5-Gallon Bucket. In other words, you could fit a little over 400 golf balls in a 5-Gallon Bucket.

The calculation yields a result of 443.5 golf balls that can fit inside a 5-Gallon Bucket, but rounding down to 443 is necessary as we avoid cutting the golf balls. Consequently, the final count comes to 443 golf balls being accommodated in a 5-Gallon Bucket. To put it differently, you can fit just slightly more than 400 golf balls in such a bucket.

Why use a cannonball arrangement for packing golf balls?

The cannonball arrangement maximizes space utilization without altering the golf balls’ shape, allowing us to fit as many as possible in the bucket.

Are there any modifications made to the golf balls during this packing process?

No, this calculation assumes that golf balls remain intact and unaltered, ensuring accuracy in determining how many can fit in the bucket.

Why is rounding down to 443 golf balls necessary?

We round down to 443 to maintain the integrity of the golf balls, as cutting or deforming them is not an option. This provides a realistic estimate of capacity.

Is there a practical use for knowing how many golf balls can fit in a 5-gallon bucket?

While it may seem like a fun, random fact, this knowledge can be handy for storage or transportation purposes, like packing golf balls for a trip to the course.

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