How to Trick Golf Cart Charger

How to Trick Golf Cart Charger By following These Steps:

some techniques that trick the charger into fast charging the battery.

Having a fully charged battery is really important for a smooth ride. But when the charger for your golf cart isn’t working right, it can be really annoying. This guide will show you some tricks to fix the charger and make your battery work well again. So let’s learn these tricks to get past charging problems and make your battery work even better.

How to Trick Golf Cart Charger

1.Unplug the Charger

First, unplug the golf cart charger from where it’s getting power, like an outlet or battery bank. Then, make sure all the connections are right and tight, so nothing is loose.


2.Locate the Voltage Selector Switch

Locate the voltage selector switch on your golf cart’s charger. You’ll typically find it on the front part, and it offers various options, ranging from 12V to 48V.

3.Change the Voltage Setting

Modify the voltage setting by decreasing the value of the voltage selector switch. Adjust it according to your golf cart’s specifications and the size of your battery pack. This manipulation tricks the charger into initiating a faster charging process.


4.Plug in the Charger

Once you’ve completed all the needed adjustments, reconnect the charger to its power source and turn it on.

5.rack the Charging Process

Keep an eye on the charging process to make sure the charger doesn’t get too hot or overcharge your batteries. If you notice any of these problems happening, disconnect the charger right away.

6.Check for Charge Progress

As you monitor the charging process, you’ll observe that the charge level stops rising after a specific point. This indicates that the trick has worked, and the charger is now charging faster than usual.

7.Turn Off and Unplug the Charger

After your battery has been successfully charged to its maximum capacity, switch off the golf cart charger and disconnect it from the power source.

By following these steps, you can successfully trick your golf cart charger into starting the recharging process.

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